Life Sports Agency

The Challenge

Lead and Build a Story-Driven Brand for a Rapidly Growing NBA Agency.

Life Sports Agency is a forward-thinking, driven, and innovative NBA agency focused on taking their brand and business to the next level. With their core values, roots, and culture established, we were tasked with translating these ideas into a new creative brand direction – and implementation of this direction in all aspects of the brand. We accomplished this through a variety of solutions; social media development & management, original productions, live event coverage and more.

What We Did: A Summary

A Multi-Tiered, Hands-On Creative Approach to Launch, Grow & Develop the LSA Brand.

Envision offers a holistic approach to creative storytelling and brand building. With a dynamic and ever-evolving brand such as Life Sports Agency, we aimed to create a well-rounded brand image and presence both live and digitally.

Live Productions & Event Coverage

Envision boasts a nationwide network of elite creative talent. When the 2021 NBA Draft Night came around, LSA tasked us with forming a team to capture their dinner event with all their recruits and families. We helped coordinate, plan, and execute creatively on the event, capturing the key moments throughout the night – producing and publishing content live in addition to a post-event campaign driven through videography and photography.

Creative Storytelling

At the core of what we do is Creative Storytelling. Envision was born out of a need for brands to better express who they are, and why they’re different. With LSA, we worked to both understand and develop their unique story, and help represent it through videography, photography, and graphic design – all present on LSA social media, website and in live applications.

Campaign Development & Management

To create further growth, traction and exposure around key points throughout the NBA season, we worked to develop custom, creative-driven campaigns for LSA. Planned over a month period, we helped structure, create, and publish content on an optimized schedule based on their social & brand analytics. We provided a clear path to execution through our approach; ideating the vision, developing creative assets, scheduling around NBA updates, and reporting back on results through in-depth data analytics.

Complete Platform & Social Management

LSA’s team is built of driven and focused entrepreneurs, athletes, and experienced professionals – their goal was to continue to focus on the growth and evolution of their business but lacked the time to uniquely define and drive their social media and brand forward. Through Envision, and in conjunction with LSA, we were able to create a unique social vision and carry it out independently, keeping LSA in the loop and working with them to create a brand image that represents them. From daily story posts, custom content development, managing post schedules and more – we helped create a seamless relationship to move their brand forward, day by day.

Business Brand-Applications

In addition to developing their brand for the audience, we worked with LSA to develop core brand assets to use to grow their business. Primarily recruit facing, we helped create customized, creative-driven sales materials to get more recruits on board – with custom brand elements, graphic design, videography and more – to create a professional and on-brand look for LSA as they look to grow their business.

Live Productions & Event Coverage

Creative Storytelling

Campaign Development & Management

An agency involved with multiple high-level events a year, our partnership enabled LSA to leverage Envision’s extensive creative, production & logistics services. We provided full creative & media coverage for the their Draft Night, Pro Day presence, and more – capturing the key moments that changed lives forever, and presenting them to audiences worldwide. Our work together helped preserve history in the making, and help Life Sports maintain a strong brand presence in a professional manner.

We worked with LSA to cover the 2021 NBA Draft Night, a half-day event that saw the progression to the next level for more than a few athletes for LSA. We provided full media coverage and live editing to not only bring a cinematic scope to the entire event, and keep it in memory, but also showcasing a strong brand presence by pushing our content to audiences live.

The Hunt & Fish Club, NYC, New York

NBA Draft Night 2021

NBA Draft Night 2021 Feature

Signing, Pro Day & Draft Night: NYC | LA | Toronto

NBA Draft 2022

Following LSA’s rapid growth from 2021, we looked to expand the full scope of capturing the journey of new recruits going through the Draft process. Starting from the moment they signed to Life Sports Agency, we captured and portrayed every step of their growth, from the Pro Day and eventual transition into the NBA in June 2022.

Part 1 (Campaign Development & Management)

Signing Recruits

During the process of signing new recruits, we helped create an engaging campaign to announce and support the new players. Hailing from across the US and Canada, LSA was able to sign talented, aspiring recruits that would later be signed to the NBA come June 2022.

Part 2 (Live Event Coverage & Creative Storytelling)

LSA @ Pro Day 2022

Envision worked with LSA to provide full pre, live and post coverage of the Pro-Day event. We were able to capture highlights, provide materials introducing players to recruits and the league, and translated content captured into an engaging social media series to continue the growth of the LSA brand.

LSA: Pro Day 2022 Feature

03. Building the Brand

Platform & Social Management

With a long-term vision and horizon in mind, LSA has been focused on building their brand the right way, consistently to create a large impact. We worked together to create a feasible plan to execute on over the next few years.


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05. Developing Core Business Assets

Business Brand-Applications

In addition to developing their brand for the audience, we worked with LSA to develop core brand assets to use to grow their business. Primarily recruit facing, we helped create customized, creative-driven sales materials to get more recruits on board.

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